What are you going to do about it?

 This entry was posted on Wednesday, November 28th, 2018 at 3:36 pm

It was in the early morning of February 2006 when my wife and I got up thinking that it was going be like most Saturday mornings. On this particular Saturday it was no different, aside from the overcast and cold conditions outside, which was somewhat odd for Atlanta. 

After our daily routine of coffee making, we turned the television on and came across the news of the Coretta Scott King’s passing and viewing that would be held on this day. We had both heard about Mrs. King throughout the week, as she had recently passed away. As we sat watching the news, my wife looked at me and said quite unabashedly, “let’s go!” Quite honestly, my first reaction was hesitation and resistance, but then minutes later, on a whim we were off to the viewing. 

It was strange, but we both had this giddy excitement as we were driving to go see a dead body.  Upon arriving, the weather had gotten worse with the wind blowing, the temperature dipping, and the rain now spitting at us. As we stood there on that rainy day amongst the thousands of people, we could see the helicopters flying and the news crews milling about sporadically interviewing a few people here and there. Inside me, I remember hoping that they would ask this white guy for an interview, and to possibly get my thoughts on what was happening. I was all prepared with what I would say if asked why we decided to attend the viewing of Coretta Scott King. If given the chance I would want to say that so many of us want to do something great, talk about making change and doing grand things, the King’s actually did it. They did not just sit and talk about it; they actually got up and did it.

What about you?


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